Friday, November 30, 2007

The 2nd to last straw?

From a New York Post article by Marc Berman:

In an incredible display of surrender, with 8:09 left and the Celtics mounting a 50-point lead on Eddie House's jumper, a Knicks fan sitting behind the basket ripped off his blue Knicks jersey, threw it onto the court in a rage and marched up the stairs and out of the building as Celtics fans applauded.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yes he was rocking the same high top fade

I have no idea how to respond to you other than by doing this. How did you find me?

Monday, November 26, 2007


I met Allan Houstin in person this Saturday..and could not bear to ask him about that atrocious contract

Long story short he was at a family wedding I attended. May write a longer post later.
So many questions sprung to my mind:
- "How were you so good without really being able to dribble left?"
- "When you went to training camp to try to get a roster spot, did you already see the season would be a disaster and make the decision to wash your hands of the whole mess?"
- "Do you giggle every time you see James Dolan?"
- "Can I have a small share of the money you got paid while not playing a single game?"
Then I's not his fault Dolan gave him that monster contract. He played as hard as he could and never did anything to disgrace the uniform. We have a team full of players with all the athletic ability in the world but can't get anywhere. Allan Houston seems to be a person who took whatever ability he had and worked his ass off to maximized what he was given.
Maybe I'm looking at the past with rose colored glasses on. Maybe my standard have sunk so low due to the current state of the team...
But compared to the attitude/effort from the best players on the Knicks this season,was Allan Houston really such a horrible Knick?
Is there any player on this team that you would not trade straight up for an in-his-prime Allan Houston right now?

How to fix the

I am @ work and do not feel like cutting and pasting the entire piece but..I felt this was both a realistic and optimistic way to change the team for the better without any trades/FA signings.

A lot of it is just common sense. Common sense says that having Eddy Curry and Zach on the floor at the same time is redundant. Common sense says that having 4 guys standing around watching ANYONe, be it Kobe or Starbury or Zach or Eddy does not make for good team basketball.

Click here for the goodness which shall probably never be put into place

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Glass half full?

There have been very few happy moments for Knicks fans the past few seasons. A few hours after the Knicks’ inspiring win over Denver at home, I was feeling optimistic and inspired by a rerun of Rocky IV. If a street tough turned boxing champion could inspire communists to open their hearts to change, in the midst of the Cold War’s winter, maybe even the Knicks can turn things around!

During this season, I hope to see a lot of changing, in the way you feel about the Knicks, and in the way the Knicks feel about DEE - FENSE!....I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if Nate can change, and Crawford can change, everybody can change!

Here is a list of the optimistic hopes I harbored:

  • Eddie Curry wakes up one day and says, "Holy crap, I'm a big bad 7 foot, 285 lb mofo! I should be getting at LEAST 10 boards a game. I'm pledge to start working on my free throws and caring about defense too! “

  • Crawford continues playing way smarter than he did last season,
    drives to the hoop when his J isn't falling and continues to swish and
    dish with the best of them. Ditto for Nate. Hopefully all that tape he watched of Nash and other elite point guards during the summer stays with him and he doesn't revert to the guy who tackled a naked Malik Rose in the shower. Ewww.....

  • Marbury plays like he did against Denver, never has to sulk with a
    towel over his head again, and continues to entertain the masses by
    taking Gilbert Arenas' spot as kooky yet lethally effective SUPERSTAR. That’s right. I said it. Get paid like one. Play like one.

    Here is a list of pipe dreams I harbored:

  • Isiah becomes fiscally responsible and continues to distribute
    playing time according to merit and not contract size.

  • James Dolan is content to quietly fade into the backdrop. Perhaps
    Daddy hands him the reigns to anything other than MSG...

  • Jerome James is hypnotized into thinking it's a contract year.

  • Knicks fans do NOT regret Fred Jones/Jerome James having a roster
    spot over Demetris Nichols.

There are still 70 games left to make some kind of progress; however, after seeing the Knicks look completely unmotivated and lost against Golden State my optimism is fading. A true fan sticks with his team through thick and thin. A true fan always roots for his team to succeed. Ideally, this season is the beginning of a turnaround. Ideally, Isiah will be vindicated of all wrongdoing, both in his treatment of female employees and the salary cap.

However, if you are a Knick fan and have come to the conclusion that success is impossible with Isiah and Dolan at the helm, is it ok to want the Knicks to continue losing so that rebuilding can begin with a new GM and Coach? If James Dolan and Isiah are cancers to the organization, losing could be part of the painful process needed to rid the body of it’s unwanted guests. Bringing in new players would be comparable to a patient with a chronic disease buying new clothes.

The advantage that pessimists have is that they are perpetually either right or pleasantly surprised when wrong. At the end of 82 games, which one will it be?