Monday, November 26, 2007


I met Allan Houstin in person this Saturday..and could not bear to ask him about that atrocious contract

Long story short he was at a family wedding I attended. May write a longer post later.
So many questions sprung to my mind:
- "How were you so good without really being able to dribble left?"
- "When you went to training camp to try to get a roster spot, did you already see the season would be a disaster and make the decision to wash your hands of the whole mess?"
- "Do you giggle every time you see James Dolan?"
- "Can I have a small share of the money you got paid while not playing a single game?"
Then I's not his fault Dolan gave him that monster contract. He played as hard as he could and never did anything to disgrace the uniform. We have a team full of players with all the athletic ability in the world but can't get anywhere. Allan Houston seems to be a person who took whatever ability he had and worked his ass off to maximized what he was given.
Maybe I'm looking at the past with rose colored glasses on. Maybe my standard have sunk so low due to the current state of the team...
But compared to the attitude/effort from the best players on the Knicks this season,was Allan Houston really such a horrible Knick?
Is there any player on this team that you would not trade straight up for an in-his-prime Allan Houston right now?

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Laura said...

Putting aside the issue of his effort and attitude befitting a coach’s son, Houston is the perfect modern-day Knick: limited (well, limited to offense) skill-set with an outrageous contract. Great that you met him though – was he still rocking the high top fade?