Monday, February 25, 2008

Knicks Raptors II: Tussle In Toronto

I spent most of Sunday on my couch recovering from Saturday night. After watching the Pistons absolutely manhandle the Suns, it was time for a rematch of the two teams that gave us an exciting finish the last time they played.

What followed was a pretty competitive 2 quarters, followed by an absolutely atrocious 3rd quarter, highlighted by Q throwing a hissy fit on the bench following back to back to back 3 point makes by Toronto.

I was surprised by the fact that Isiah actually called a time out. Too many times this season I've been absolutely confused by the fact that Zeke doesn't call a timeout when the situation absolutely demands one. Forgive me for forgetting the details but I remember one game where the Knicks went from being up by double digits to down double digits without Zeke calling a timeout to stop the bleeding or make a substitution.

I know Phil Jackson ocassionally let's his teams play through their mistakes but Zeke is NOT Phil Jackson and these Knicks don't have veteran leaders with winning experience a la Shaq, Jordan, Pippen, etc.

I don't know what Isiah does during timeouts. He appears to scribble on a clipboard sometimes but last night there was one play following a timeout that resulted in..

a 24 second violation. Sweet.

Looking at the rest of the game:

- The Curry/Randolph mess continues. How do you add together a potential all star center (Various Knicks' players/coaches words from last season, not mine) and a 40 minute, 20-10 regular (not many of those in the league) and not find one player worthy of staying on the floor for at leat 30+ minutes a game?

- Nate and Jamal 8 assists: 2 turnovers. I like it. Nate's improved play has been one of the bright spots this season, towel throwing timeout fights aside...

- The young bucks get buried. Again.

Now I know that the Knicks coaching staff sees these players every day in practice. Minutes should go to those who deserve them. At the same time, this team isn't going anywhere this season. I can not fathom why Isiah's draft picks aren't getting any floor time. Isiah's supposed to be a brilliant drafter. Why not see what Randolph Morris or Wilson Chandler or even Renaldo Balkman can do over a full game? Why not at least insert them in the 4th quarter, down 84-67?

At this point in the season what reason do fans have to watch? I am genuinely curious about seeing what we have in the young guys. That would give me a reason to watch.

Next up: At home against Charlotte

Thing I'll have fun watching: Who tries to stop Jason Richardson AND Gerald Wallace. Will Eddy Curry take a look at Emeka Okafor and realize it's okay to play defense and rebound?

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