Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vince Carter rumor.

"Another source said there had been preliminary discussions on a three-way trade that would include, among other things, Carter going to the New York Knicks, Eddy Curry to Miami and the expiring contracts of Jason Williams and Ricky Davis to New Jersey."

Source: The Internets

My intial reaction was...NO NO NO NO NO!

Reasons why:

- I would much rather have the expiring contracts of Williams and Davis. Why is New Jersey in this equation at all? Is Rod Thorn still so hyped up from getting everything but Cuban's ATM card from Dallas for ason Kidd, he decided to call Isiah because..hey! who knows?!.

- Vince Carter is a part time superstar. How motivated is he going to be with a long term contract playing for the worst team in the East's Atlantic division?

(Note: Miami has the worst record but they also have D-Wade and Marion to our...Marbury and Curry?..uhh..our Marbury and Randolph?..our Crawford and Randolph?..uhhh...uhhh)

- Would you not rather spend the money on another free agent? Someone who has the potential to be a TRUE franchise player who brings it every night on both ends of the court.


1. Vince Carter:

'08-'09 Season: 15.2 M'
09-'10 Season: 16.3
'10-'11 Season: 17.3
'11-'12 Season: 18 (team option)

2. Eddy Curry:
'08-'09 Season: 9.7 M
'09-'10 Season: 10.5
10-'11 Season: 11.2
'11-'12 Season: 0

'09-10: Player option aka Curry takes this unless the Knicks are so bad, he doesn't want the money. I doubt any other GM gives him 10 mill per unless he learns to rebound and defend and not be fat. Yes, I'm promoting this as a fact.)

2011: Hallelujah praise the lord! Same year Zach comes off. Please let Zeke be gone and for there to be no more Allan Houston/Marbury/Curry type contracts. Please. I'm begging you.

So I guess with Vince Carter our cap situation only gets slightly more FUBAR. Do we even have any room to sign any FAs next season or the season after that?

Free agents:

ESPN's 2008 FA List

Significant restricted free agents:

Josh Smith (love him, except the rumoured 'tude problem)
Josh Childress (i like him)
Emeka Okafor (the anti-Curry)
Luol Deng
Ben Gordon
Monta Ellis
Ryan Gomes
Andre Iguodala
Jose Calderon

Significant unrestricted FAs:

Allen Iverson
Baron Davis
Jermaine O Neal
Elton Brand
Stephon Marbury (he used to belong on this list..funny huh)
Shawn Marion
Gilbert Arenas
Antawn Jamison
Ron Artest

I won't bother going through the 2009 class.

2010: Some guy named Lebron, must be french or something. After Frederic Weiss I don't want any more Frenchies. Also D-Wade. Ray Allen.

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